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email marketing works
  Experts and small businesses agree:
  • According to Direct Marketers Association (DMA), email marketing has an average return on investment of $44 for every dollar spent.
  • Forrester Research reports that investment in email marketing will grow from $1.3 billion in 2010 to $2 billion by 2014.
  • A survey conducted in December 2009 by ExactTarget indicates that more than 50% of consumers make purchases as a direct outcome of email. It also drives more ROI than any other channel including social media and PPC advertising.
  • In 2010, a leading marketing research firm, Merkle reported that consumers who received direct mail as well as email on average contributed $17 in revenue and $4 in margin per household.
why it works
  Email marketing works for a variety of reasons...
  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
  • It supports sales through other channels
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Leader in Email Marketing & SMTP Server Service Provider in India

ImpactDesigners comes forth with a cost effective solution for brand promotion through the potent of bulk email advertising. In fact, bulk email marketing proves to be an easy and fast way to expand your business, reach new customers, or create awareness among existing clients about fresh arrival of products and services you're offering. The direct bulk emailing is the cheapest approach to promote your business in no time in both offline and online markets. Bulk email lets you know your target audience who is prepared to perceive your message without losing a dime.

We are pioneer in the domain of offering bulk email marketing in india so as to help your business to achieve better brand value that is unabated. We recommend you not to spend money and time on other emailing tools that are not effective and compatible for sending in bulk. By relying on our email marketing server experience and service, we let you achieve success on your email campaigns and expand your business as we have shouldered the responsibility of looking after overall issues related to bandwidth and ISP to ensure 100% delivery of your emails.

SMTP Server Service Provider in India

Our comprehensive list of SMTP relay server plans showcased hereunder benefits our clients a lot by helping them send large volumes of bulk emails (around thousands to millions of emails per month), at relatively lower prices and create better brand value. Flag off your email marketing campaigns with ease from a computer attached with the Internet without losing your ISP! With ability to deliver all emails you sent in no time, our mail server turns your email advertising campaigns simple and fast, giving your business an impetus to consolidate in the market and oust your competitors.

client's speak
Quote I would highly recommend the team at Impact Designers. They are competent and have excellent support. I enjoy working with them and know I'll get the help I need when I need it.quote
Meridith Berk
quote Your server did a very good job at delivering. I was skeptical you would not keep up your side of the bargain in the beginning but you have proved yourself to me. Thank you.quotes
Matt Brown
No SCAM, Phishing sites;
Legal stuff only.
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Select the plan that's right for you!

Bulk Email SMTP Delivery System - Pricing plans

No Setup Charges - No Contracts - Pay & Use as you go by the Month
Mail Server Accounts: Kindly add 5% PayPal transaction fee on below listed plans
emails per month

US $75.00 pm
INR 5,000 pm
Semi-Dedicated Private SMTP email server plans with POP3 functionality

1 Million
1.5 Million
emails per month

US $200.00 pm
INR 10,000.00 pm
Semi-Dedicated Private SMTP email server plans with POP3 functionality

1.5 Million
3 Million
emails per month

US $250.00 pm
INR 12,500.00 pm

Freedom Dedicated Unlimited
  Send unlimited emails
Ideal solution for large volume email broadcasting
Send over 1 Million + messages per day
Configured to send through SMTP server
Includes dedicated IP addresses
Set with Reverse DNS for best Deliverability
Pre-installed with bulk email software
Unlimited Bandwidth
emailing solution block
View our dedicated mail server program
block for bulk
  Web based Bulk Email Server Direct Marketing System
Track Opens, Clicks & Unsubscribes

Take a Test Drive
See what you can do with MblazeDirect!

Send 50,000 emails
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US $47 or
INR 1,500
email marketing block

Bulk Email SMTP Server Service (Ready-To-Send)

Ready-to-Send Bulk Server, Send Unlimited mails in bulk round-the-clock

Initiate email marketing campaign using your bulk email sending software or you can access the software from us that features 100% deliverability along with fast sending speed with the support of our Bulk Email Broadcasting Server:

  • Highly effective and relatively economical
  • Single and permanent IP address
  • Single POP3 / SMTP Account
  • Able to send 60,000 emails in a day
  • The finest and genuine SMTP mail service for do-it-yourself email advertising campaigns
  • Fast and simple bulk email solution – All you need enter the information into your current Bulk Mailer settings once and start dropping emails within 2 minutes. Now it is our turn to do the rest
  • Guaranteed service - we persistently keep vigil on blacklists to keep the email sending speed intact
  • We offer comprehensive line of super fast bulk emailing software for free
  • Our Bulk Email SMTP Server provider is compatible to both Text and HTML format.
  • Ready-to-Send server, just import lists, Set, and Send
  • Your ISP's mailbox or mail server remains unused
  • Your ISP is unaware of your activity of sending bulk emails
  • Our bulk email servers and bandwidth will receive all email broadcasting and not yours
  • Your email can be delivered into your recipient's mailbox without the support of your ISP's e-mail server resources
  • Start email marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere
  • Port 25 ISP is simply nonfunctional (non-existence of port 25 blocking issues)
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Trustworthy and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
  • Includes all phone, email, and chat technical support

Available Add-On Option

Multiple SMTP Accounts/ IP Rotation Service

Contact us
for our automatic SMTP server provider and IP addresses rotation pricing or further details

Each plan above lets you send from an unlimited number of email addresses and setup is easy. If you run into any problems at any stage, our Support Team is available to help and will assist you with any configuration issues you may have.

One more thing - you can always upgrade your plan at a later date, so don't worry about "locking yourself" into one particular plan or another. Service is guaranteed, and your emails will be delivered. We only allow legitimate customers to use our servers who abide by all the Can Spam laws of 2004. More information please read in our Antispam Notice.

A key value of is our proactive approach to safeguarding your reputation. The reputation of the sending server is similar to a credit score. If it is blemished, the chances of your email reaching the recipient inboxes are poor. takes a proactive and integrated approach to reputation management.

Note: We do not accept users that promote gambling, facilitate copyright violations or sell prescription medication or replica products using our dedicated smtp server service in India. Additionally, we do not allow advertising of affiliate programs, money making schemes, and any other type of illegal promotion or transmission via Impact Designers service is prohibited. Also advertising to offer purchased mailing lists without valid proof of opt-in is not permitted. You can only sign up if you're a legitimate business or Marketing Company promoting products that DO NOT fit into the these categories above.

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